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Ray Bradbury, who was an American writer, was born in 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois.

The young boy, who was an only child, grew up in Waukegan, and then in Los Angeles. From the age of seven, he spent his time in libraries ; when he was fourteen, he founded an amateur magazine to publish his first short stories.

After graduating in Los Angeles when he was eighteen, he didn’t go to university : he became a professional writer in 1942, and married Marguerite McClure, with whom he had four daughters.

Raymond Douglas Bradbury wrote about thirty books and more than six hundred short stories. His best-known work is the science-fiction novel « Fahrenheit 451″, in which he tells us the story of a dictature where books are forbidden.

He would write every single day : each morning, he got up and « rushed » to the typewriter, to put on paper the ideas that had come to him during the night.

He would say he didn’t work for anything else than the joy he had « writing and creating ». He wrote with that sense of joy until his death in 2012.

Ray Bradbury won the National Book Award in 2000 – and became one of the greatest authors of his time.

An extract from Fahrenheit 451 (in French) :


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  1. Tharsiny dit :

    Très bon article bien lu avec un bon accent anglais. L’extrait en français a l’air interessant. Bravo Léo

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