OUR DAY TRIP TO LONDON – Tuesday, May 14th

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We had to wake up very early so we were sleepy.

We had breakfast, we dressed up, we brushed our teeth and we left for Gare du Nord where we met the other pupils and our teachers.

We went through the customs and we took the Eurostar. The trip lasted two hours and a half.


When we arrived in London , the sky was grey but it was not raining. We took the Tube : there were a lot of people because it was the rush hour. When we came out, we saw Big Ben , the London Eye and the Thames.

After that,  we walked past the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. We walked along Whitehall and we saw Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister lives. Then we went through St James’Park where we saw a lot of  squirrels.

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After that, we went to see Buckingham Palace. The flag was up, it means the Queen was there. When  Hugo opened his umbrella, it started raining !  We went back to Saint James’Park to have lunch. After lunch, we visited the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery to see the paintings and the portraits we had studied during the school year. We also saw Kate Middleton’s new portrait.

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Then we had free time to go shopping in Leicester Square so we went to M&M’s World. How big it was ! And how expensive it was!


We also went to Cool Britannia which is a big souvenir shop in Picadilly Circus : we bought souvenirs for our families.

After that, we went to Marks and Spencer, which is like Monoprix in France, to buy sandwiches for our evening meals. Food is less expensive in England than in France.

We took the Tube to go back to St Pancras Station. We had free time again. There was a piano in the station so Clara started to play and we sang together.


We left London at 6 :00 p.m. and we arrived in Paris at 9 :17 p.m.. We were exhausted. Our parents were waiting for us.

What an amazing day we spent in London !

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